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As a business owner, you are required by law the to maintain proper records of transactions in an organised way so it can be easily referred back to. If you run your business through a company, it is required by the law to prepare annual accounts that comply with the Comapnies Act 2006 and accoutning standards. If you run your business as a sole trader or partnership, you are still required to keep adequate records to comply with the tax legislation.

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Businesses with similar trade and profits can pay different amount of tax. This may seem odd but this is true! Businesses have different structures which means the tax reliefs available to every business are different as well. We look at your business structure and other important factors to ensure all the available tax reliefs are claimed and tax is kept to a minimum.      


It is required by law to keep records of business transactions in an organised manner. Many small businesses do not have the facility to maintain business records. Finding a bookkeeper for a small business is often a difficult and expensive option.

We have a dedicated team which can carry out bookkeeping on timely basis. This will not only reduce your costs but also save you time to supervise work as our team is fully trained and qualified to do their job


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Ceo & Founder Crix
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
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Director at Dynamic

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